When I was pregnant with my second baby, I knew that I wanted to practice Montessori from birth. Mister One was my first Montessori baby. I searched the net for the best shops and products for him and in this holiday gift guide, I want to feature shops that offer great quality Montessori products that you will be able to use even for your next babies (or share with their cousins and friends!). A great bonus, these shops have generously given my followers a 10% discount code that is valid until Christmas.

French Family Workshop – the owner of this small etsy shop is one of my Instagram Momma friends. She is the sweetest Momma to Mister One’s twin sisters (they have the same birthday!). Her husband made her twins’ Montessori toys and then they started offering it to everyone too through their etsy shop. Their spinning drum (1) helps a child develop hand-eye coordination while strengthening the muscles throughout their arm and wrist. They also have this great palmer and pincer puzzle that helps develop your baby’s grasp. Use the code FFM10 to get 10% discount!

Mister One with his Miniland doll from Jacob’s Toy Shop.

Jacob’s Toy Shop – a sweet shop that is based in Slovakia owned by the sweetest and most generous homeschooling Momma. Their shop carries miniland dolls (4) which are anatomically accurate dolls that will be a perfect Christmas present for your baby! Mister One got a 21cm Asian baby boy doll for his 1st birthday and loved it. They also have wooden toys like this pull along wooden dog with a drum (3) which will make a lovely gift for your baby. One of the best gifts that you will get for your baby or your pregnant Momma friend is this set of Montessori mobiles from Jacob’s Toy shop. I know I would have loved this! Use MOMMAINJAPAN10 at the checkout to get 10% discount.

Set of 5 Montessori-inspired mobiles from Jacob’s Toy Shop

Topponcino Company – We love our Topponcino (5) from TopponcinoCo. I brought it to the hospital so we were able to use it from the moment Mister One was born. I also put it on his movement area and used it whenever we carried him and passed around. If you are not familiar, a Topponcino is a soft, mat-like Montessori baby pillow that provides comfort, support and consistency throughout the first few delicate months of a baby’s life. This is something that we truly loved and will be a great part of your baby’s first prepared environment. Learn more about it from their website and use MOMMAINJAPAN10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Essential Montessori – a shop that handcrafts wooden Montessori learning materials, based in Massachusetts, USA. We own some of their wooden materials and I can honestly say that it is indeed of great quality. Mister One loved his wooden bell chime and still to this day play with his wooden peg with cup puzzle. They have wooden rattles and classic Montessori early materials like the interlocking disc. This Montessori Baby Shower Gift Set (6) is a perfect gift for an expecting Momma! Use the code MOMMAINJAPAN10 to get 10% off your purchase!

Mister One with his wooden bell chime from Essential Montessori

I hope you and your baby will enjoy some of these great finds. Don’t forget to use the discount codes for more savings this holiday season.