As a Montessori-inspired Momma, I’m always on a lookout for items that I can use at home. I’m not just talking about toys and actual Montessori materials. I also try to search for items that can help me in displaying materials on the shelf to make it more inviting and organized. Living in Japan, my go to store is DAISO. It’s not only cheap, but it has a great selection of items from baskets to wooden bowls. Today, I’d like to share some Montessori-friendly items that you can buy from DAISO and how I use them at home.

Book Stands

Daiso offers different styles of book stands. My favorite is the gray book stand below. It’s angle of inclination is adjustable so I can use it in many ways. I love that it can hold the weight of our cursive movable alphabet and I can display it in our shelf at a perfect inclination, just the right angle for my son to see the letters better. You can also use these book stands to display open books on the shelves, especially if you want to hightlight a certain page on a book. Another great book stand which can hold a number of books is daiso’s plate rack/holder. I use it to display book reader sets of Mister six. I also use it for his metal insets and waytoplay road set.

Wooden bowls and Rope baskets

When displaying materials on the shelf, I always find myself needing a small bowl or basket to hold some loose parts. They are great for crayons, wooden blocks and puzzles. When presenting puzzles, it is more inviting for the child to put it undone or deconstructed and not as a completed puzzle. If it is presented as a complete puzzle then there’s no more work for the child. So for Mister Two’s jigsaw puzzles, I use these wooden bowls or rope baskets. I also use this bigger rope basket for balls or playsilks.


Daiso carries different trays but my favorite is this small wooden tray that is perfect for a young toddler. It has small heart-shaped holes on both sides that is just the right size for toddler hands. I have a few of these and use it for puzzles and other loose parts. I also recommend these plastic trays for water pouring as you can easily wipe off the spills. It comes in two sizes and we own both. The bigger size is perfect for A4 paper and Mister Two uses it whenever he likes to draw and color.

Mini wooden sectioned trays

When I saw these trays in Daiso, I immediately bought them. The one with 2 sections is great for matching work while the 4 sectioned tray is great to display life cycle figurines. I know that round trays are better for the life cycle figurines but it’s just not readily available here in Japan and can be pricey so I thought this is a great alternative. I also imagined this tray to be useful in presenting decimal place value.

These are just some of my current daiso favorites and I hope to post more next time. I hope this post inspires you to visit your nearby Daiso and get some items that will help you in keeping your shelf inviting and organized. Let me know if you have some daiso favorites that I missed!