If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you probably know that I bake my son’s birthday cake every year as our birthday tradition. It’s my annual labor of love for him! The theme for his cake is his current interest. He is still all about trains. But since we already did a shinkansen (bullet train) party last year, we decided to go with Legos since he was so into legos earlier this year.

I baked 3 layers of 20-cm chocolate cake and covered it with yellow fondant to make the lego man’s head. I used pre-made fondant by Wilton, one box is enough to cover the cake. I used another box of fondant for the lego bricks and small lego man decorations. I used this lego brick molds to make the lego bricks and lego man that I put on top of the cake. Tip: After putting your fondant in the mold, put it in the fridge so that it will harden fast and you can easily pop it out of the mold.

My husband made a cake plate using lego duplos and a number six sign using the lego classic bricks. I used this Lego-themed Happy Birthday bunting and added a tassel paper garland under the table. I added lego duplo train tracks around the cake plate and created his name using duplos.

If you want to watch me prepare the cake and the final look in video, Check out my youtube video below:

My son absolutely loved his birthday surprise and I also loved how it turned out! Hope this gives you an idea and helps you set up your own lego birthday party!