After searching for some gift ideas for Mister Two’s birthday, I knew I had to share the things we got him. This post can also be called Mister Two’s favorite things since these are the things that he enjoys a lot. Please note that I will post an amazon afflink for both US and Japan.

  1. Chameleon reader – This is my top birthday gift recommendation! I really believe that this is a great gift for any child. It’s a great tool for raising readers and multilingual children. Mister Two uses this everyday!
    For North America, you can order through their website and for those in Japan, they have a local reseller here.
  2. The Little Book of Backyard Bird Songs – this has been his most favorite book for a long time. He now knows all the names of the birds and remembers their respective bird songs. He loved this so much that we now have 4 books from this set. Get it here: Amazon US Amazon JP
  3. HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game – this is a great toy for sorting colors and pegging game. There are different ways to play with it and its such a nice toy to have at this age.
    Get it here: Amazon US Amazon JP
  4. HAPE All-in-one wooden kid’s art easel – I chose this easel because of it’s cool features. It has a magnetic whiteboard, blackboard, a paper roll holder and a paint holder. I also love that it’s height is adjustable so it will grow with him.
    Get it here: Amazon US Amazon JP
  5. Step2 Water Table – this is one of his main present and definitely one of our best buys this summer. Both my kids have played with it countless times already and a great addition to our balcony play setup. Get it here: Amazon US Amazon JP
  6. Wobbel balance board – our wobbel has been with us for more than 2 years already and I noticed that Mister Two plays with it more often these days. Even Mister Six still plays with it! It’s one of those toys that are great for their gross motor development and can be played with multiple kids of different ages.
    Get it here: Europe and North America Amazon JP
  7. Learning resources fine motor tool set – this was gifted to us by our family friend and Mister Two plays with this especially the dropper during bath time. He uses the pincer and others for transfer work in his shelf.
    Get it here: Amazon US Amazon JP
  8. Strider balance bike – I got this earlier for Mister Two but didn’t pay attention to it until recently. Now, he chooses this to bring outside. Mister Six also started using his balance bike around 2years old so this age is the perfect time to get your kids into balance bike.
    Get it here: Amazon US Amazon JP

I hope this will be helpful in choosing your kids’ birthday presents and they will love it as much as Mister Two does!